Friday, February 21, 2014

Fence Sitting is Not in My Nature

Please read my additional statement below
on the controversy stirred by this blog post.

Just in case anyone thinks I’m sitting on the fence, let me clarify:
There is no fence sitting in my track record.

When we first began to pray for the life of Ami Ortiz, who was terror bombed by a religious settler in northern Israel because of the family’s Messianic Jewish faith, one of the priority prayers after God miraculously saved Ami from certain death, was that his soul would not be eaten up in bitterness for what happened to him.


Ami’s parents, David and Leah Ortiz are some of the most shining examples of Yeshua’s grace among the Israeli Body of Messiah, and indeed, in the worldwide Body of Christ.  As heartbroken and stricken as they were watching in horror what had taken place when their then 15-year old son opened a Purim gift basket that exploded with a shrapnel-loaded IED right in his hands, these parents walked out their long nightmare with a powerful and incredible grace. 

After the initial shock of having his body blown to bits, Ami Ortiz, to his credit, joined his parents in the grace of God not only to take care of him, but also to take care of the man who was finally arrested and eventually tried for the terrorist act. 

Even though Israel refused to recognize the bombing as a terrorist act because it was Jew-on-Jew violence, thereby denying many terror benefits to Ami, the Ortiz family has fought their fight in the courts and in the public arena with a startling testimony to the grace of Yeshua. This is what it means to be a witness of the power of God through the life of the Messiah.


I bring this up because earlier this week I was attacked when I commented that I thought it was disingenuous to expect the Christ at the Checkpoint 2014 event to welcome an Israeli victim of a terror attack to speak to their gathering. 

I did not see how any reasonable person could argue with that observation, but unfortunately, the terror victim took great offense, as did a popular Messianic Jewish blogger in the U.K.

In condemning my comment as somehow a betrayal, the U.K. blogger made an innuendo about my extensive writing about the Ami Ortiz terror attack.  The innuendo was that I  must only be interested when the terrorist is a religious Jew, not Palestinian terrorism. That when it came to the Arab terrorist stabbing of a Messianic Jew and her Christian hiking partner who died in the attack, that I was not interested at all.    

That accusation belies the facts not only of my ministry in support of the Body of Messiah in Israel, but also my decades of writing about Islamist terrorism in Israel and the U.S.
From the moment I heard of the stabbing attack in December of 2010, my weekly prayer summary of Israeli ministry prayer requests has carried information and prayer requests for this Israeli terror victim.  That has continued all the way through to November 2013 when I last shared the request for prayers over the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder this lady suffered. 


Just because someone makes accusations against others does not mean those accusations are valid.  I tried to address the accusations against me by both the terror victim and U.K. blogger, but my every word was so twisted that I finally quit trying to respond.  Fury will do that, causing the words someone else speaks to be heard differently from the intention of the speaker.  

In their minds, because I did not agree with making a weapon out of the refusal of the Christ at the Checkpoint to welcome this terror victim as a speaker, in their eyes I was an enemy of the truth.  This attitude gave leave to all sorts of abusive accusations and insults to be leveled at me.

This morning I opened an intercessory prayer letter out of Israel that asked for prayers against the CatC gathering.   

This ministry is obviously opposed to Messianic leaders who have committed to go to these conferences over the past several years as foolishly pursuing peace.  They also asked that the newspaper column of this Messianic terror victim would convince Christians "who may be sitting on the fence about this conference."

Last night I watched a local news channel do a terrible thing when it indulged the fury and hatred of a mother in confronting a drunk driver awaiting trial for horribly injuring her young son.  The news channel took her into the jail to confront him on camera face to face.  It was terrible to watch and it was not appropriate.

That mother will be able to confront the drunk driver in court, but doing this on camera with all her hatred and fury being unleashed on the man was extremely painful and horrifying watch.  It did not serve her well for viewers to see her unrestrained fury.

As she screamed at him how she would never forgive him and to shut up, because she was there to talk to him, not him to her, she made me feel very bad for her - and NOT in a good way. We can let the bad things that happen to us completely devour our souls. That is one reason that God says, Vengeance is mine.

It is completely understandable that this woman would be devastated by what her son was left like - nearly brain dead. But if this woman will not be completely destroyed by her own rage, then she cannot continue down the path of hatred and bitterness.
The news channel who thought this was a good idea did a great disservice to this woman and to the public. To encourage someone to rage like this for the cameras, is the ultimate lack of concern for what bitterness is doing to the soul of this mother.
Tragedy is multiplied when unfulfilled revenge (bitterness) is given the platform to vent continually in the name of victimhood. 

When I think of the impact that the Ortiz family has had through their testimony of grace, it makes me very uncomfortable that so many think it is appropriate for the situation I commented on to be used as a weapon against the Messianic leaders who are pursuing peace at great personal cost. 
My position is, Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. 

Messianic Jews speaking at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference is a realm that requires mature, spiritual elders who are not in the midst of dealing with their own personal trauma.  This should be self evident even to those who will make an enemy out of anyone who deals truthfully with this matter. 

Biting and devouring each other will not serve as a testimony to Yeshua.  I urge those who are intensely opposed to CatC to guard their hearts and not to speak evil of fellow believers who are not on the same page about this issue as you. 

Additional Statement

By including my observations about a local news story that I viewed like an allegory in terms of spiritual principles about handling our intense hurts and traumas in life, I did not mean those comments to be a portrayal of the state of the Israeli terror victim referenced in this article, Kay Wilson. 

I saw the news story as a worst case scenario of how unrestrained emotions seeing ourselves as victims cannot serve the process of spiritual reconciliation between fellow believers, and in my view, that lesson applies equally to those at CatC who frame their participation at the event in those terms.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous bloggers have promoted intensely bad feelings over an honest difference of opinions on the issue of Messianic leaders participating in CatC for the purpose of promoting reconciliation.  When there is no respect given for differences of opinion among ourselves, this is what happens.
My comments from the beginning of this conflagration were directed to the U.K. bloggers, and not to Kay Wilson whose ordeal I have covered in my prayer summaries from Israeli ministries from December 18th, 2010 through November  2013.  There was never an intent to hurt this lady as I have been repeatedly and viciously accused.

It is my hope that Kay will accept my consistent goodwill towards her and what she has endured.

I do, however, refuse to bow to the beat down being administered by the bloggers against me.   This statement has nothing to do with their demands for me to apologize but comes from the efforts of a peacemaker in Israel to end this firestorm. 

The anonymous bloggers have no respect for each of us to have our own opinion of issues. Their attempts to demonize me and to create a breach in the Body of Messiah by twisting my words are unconscionable. 
Kay, you have my personal regret for the misunderstanding between us.

Donna Diorio,
Feb 25, 2013. 


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Donna, I want to thank you for supporting the messianic leaders that feel it is important for them to attend CaTC. They need to know that they have people that stand with them. And you Donna, have people that stand with you. You are not alone in recognising that this website 'the Rosh Pina Project' repeatedly slanders individuals without integrity.

Anonymous said...

That should read 'without journalistic integrity'

James said...
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Anonymous said...

I would ignore the Rosh Pina kids. They are tabloid bloggers who seem to stir up controversy through slander and twisting of words. It makes me wonder how much they twist around other "stories" if this is what they are doing to you.

Donna Diorio said...

To the anonymous commenter from Sat March 1. Although I appreciate and agree with your comment, I removed it because I do not want to name names. My mention of Kay's name was only at the urging of the peacemaker in Jerusalem to do so after I said I was NOT going to name names.

I agree with you that the situation is tragic and that "People of reconciliation need to be wary of them as their whole blog is full of slander and talking down to anyone who disagrees with them."

Recently a firestorm broke out between Dr. Michael Brown and John MacArthur over "Strange Fire". It is a doctrinal disagreement, and even though Michael Brown is a professional debater of ideas in conflict, he has not been able to stop the fiery tongues against him.

Sometimes you just can't because the rage is not really about you or what you've said or done; it is a deeper issue in the person who takes every word and weaponizes it.

There is no working this out with reasonable words, so I am moving on to other things. A never ending bitter quarrel is not going to be my life.

Anonymous said...

Donna. Thank you for not only staying strong but for reporting with integrity, even if it wasn't easy. I went to the CAC conference in 2012 with some friends from King of Kings. I had read reports at Rosh Pina before going and was pretty much on my guard before I went. I went to see Wayne Hilsden speak. Although I had disagreements with what I heard from others, I was pleasantly surprised at the spirit there and how we were welcomed. What I went away with was there are real reasons for these disagreements but it's OK if Yeshua is the center and people are civil. I'm glad that there are Messianic believers there representing! I actually went back the next morning. All that to say I noticed how misguided some of the reports from Rosh Pina were but didn't think to much about it. Now, seeing this again I have decided to just not get any information from them on this. So I agree, I would just move on.